2020-2021 Graduate/Doctorate Catalog w/ Sept Addendum 
    Oct 02, 2022  
2020-2021 Graduate/Doctorate Catalog w/ Sept Addendum [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Doctorate Tuition Charges, Refund Policies and Business Office Policies

All graduate program tuition, charges and policies listed in this publication are effective as of July 1, 2020 and are subject to change, without notice, by the University’s Board of Trustees.

Admission Application Charge

There is no charge for application for admission to the University.

Tuition Deposit

A non-refundable tuition deposit must be paid in advance of course registration for the initial semester of attendance.

Tuition - Semester Schedule

Tuition payment or satisfactory arrangement to pay tuition due is due generally one week prior to the beginning of the semester. A doctorate student is charged the semester hour rate multiplied by the number of semester hours enrolled. A program fee is also charged.

Graduate Tuition Schedule per Semester

Description Charge
Tuition - all programs $800 per credit hour*
Program Fee $500 per semester

* Tuition charge after 12 earned credits of the Doctoral Studies courses is $400 per credit hour.

Financial Aid Counseling and Financial Clearance Date

The student is encouraged to apply for federal and state grant program funding to determine the student’s eligibility. A student who intends to seek federal financial aid program assistance is required to contact the Office of Financial Aid at least 30 days prior to the start of a semester to complete the application process, submit all required documents and materials requested, and finalize a financial assistance plan by the end of the Add/Drop Period. A student whose financial assistance plan is not finalized by the end of the Add/Drop Period will not be allowed to attend class.

Tuition Payments

Payments may be made in the Business Office by cash, check, or money order. Electronic payment options including credit card, debit card, and electronic check/ACH are available online only via the Finance page of MyHU. A preregistered student can view account information online. A convenience fee of 2.75% will be added for any credit/debit card transactions involving student tuition payments or other services. Online ACH/electronic check payments will not incur a convenience fee.

Graduate Assistantships

A graduate assistantship may be awarded to support the full-time doctoral student who works for faculty in research or as a teaching assistant. Duties may include serving on research teams; collecting, cleaning and analyzing datasets; preparing research publications or grant proposals; lecturing; grading, office hours, and other researching, teaching, or administrative tasks. An assistantship can include an annual stipend and the option to purchase health coverage through the University healthcare plan. An assistantship is awarded based on demonstrated need, academic potential, and faculty recommendation.

Laptop Computer

A laptop computer with wireless capability is required for attendance in all programs of study and should be obtained prior to the first day of class. Minimum requirements are listed on the University’s website at https://harrisburgu.edu/it-resource-center/. The cost is approximately $700 to $1,200.


Textbooks and other supplies (if specified for a course) must be obtained by the student prior to the first day of class. Textbooks may include both hard- and soft-bound books, journals, CDs, and software. The estimated cost for textbooks and other supplies per course is $100.

Other Charges

Tuition Payment Late Charge - A late payment charge of $250 will be assessed if the student fails to make payment arrangements or pay tuition on or before the first day of the semester or term.

Returned Check Charge - A charge of $20 will be assessed if a check or electronic check/ACH transaction processed for payment is returned by the issuing bank.

Campus ID Card Replacement Charge - Upon enrollment, a student receives, at no cost, a photo-imprinted Campus ID Card to be used as an identification badge, as a library card, and for building and elevator access. A student is required to wear the Campus ID Card badge when on campus. If a student desires a photo ID, submission of a 2” x 2” photo is required and a charge of $25 is assessed to replace the card. If a Campus ID Card is lost or stolen, a charge of $25 is assessed to replace the card.

Pay to Print Charge - On-campus printing is available to the student. A charge may be assessed depending upon the nature of the print job: paper size, ink color, and quantity.

Commencement Fee - A charge of $60 will be assessed for the student participating in the Commencement Ceremony.

Transcript Requests - The official transcript request form is available on the Harrisburg University website or electronically submitted via MyHU. There will be a $10.00 charge per transcript requested by standard domestic delivery and $35.00 per transcript for standard international delivery.

Enrollment Status Determination

A student’s enrollment status is determined at the end of the Add/Drop Period. The student is charged the applicable tuition rate for the number of semester hours in which the student is enrolled on the census date.

Refund Policy for Traditional Semesters

A student who withdraws from the University prior to the end of the third week of the semester may be due a credit for the unearned portion of the tuition charge.

The rate of tuition refund for withdrawal from the University is as follows:

  • prior to the first day of the semester 100%
  • during the first week 75%
  • during the second week 50%
  • during the third week 25%
  • after the third week 0%

See the Academic Calendar for withdrawal deadlines.

Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition for the semester is considered fully earned at the end of the third week of classes. For refund purposes, the semester begins on the first day of class for that semester, regardless of the student’s first class day of attendance during week one. The period of time used to calculate the tuition refund is the first day of class of the semester to the University’s determination date of official or unofficial withdrawal.

There will be no refund or additional charges for a student who adds and drops an equal number of semester hours within the same semester prior to the end of the Add/Drop Period.

If a student reduces the number of courses and/or semester hours during the published Add/Drop Period, a tuition adjustment for that course or semester hour reduction will be made. There is no tuition refund when a student withdraws from one or more courses after the Add/Drop Period but remains enrolled in one or more other scheduled courses.

Federal Student Financial Aid Program Refund Calculation

Refunds are calculated upon official withdrawal from all classes and, if the student was deemed eligible for Title IV, Higher Education Act (HEA) student financial assistance program funds, any refund due will be paid within 45 days from the date the student is determined to have withdrawn.

A student who officially withdraws up to the 60 percent point in time of the semester will incur an adjustment to the amount of financial aid program funds awarded and/or disbursed for the term based on the percentage of time attended from the first day of class to the University’s determination date of withdrawal. If a student officially withdraws after the 60 percent point in time of the 14-week semester, 100 percent of the student’s financial assistance program awards are considered earned and will be applied to the total amount of institutional charges due for the term. The refund order of Title IV, HEA program funds (as applicable to the student) is: Unsubsidized Direct Loans; Subsidized Direct Loans; Direct PLUS Loans; Federal Pell Grants; and, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG).

For a student who unofficially withdraws during a semester, the withdrawal date shall be the end of the semester. The student is then responsible for all tuition charges due resulting from this reduction in awards and/or payments previously credited to the student’s account.

Official Withdrawal from the University

A student is encouraged to contact the Financial Aid and Business Offices in advance of any decision to withdraw from the University to obtain an explanation of the tuition and financial aid adjustments that will occur, if any, as the result of withdrawal from the program of study.

A student who intends to officially withdraw from the University is encouraged to contact Records and Registration by telephone (717.901.5136), RegHelp Student Portal, or in person. It is recommended that a Withdrawal Form be completed, or the student will be unofficially withdrawn.

The determination date for withdrawal purposes shall either be the actual date of formal notification by the student or some future date specified by the student as the intended last date of attendance. The determination date is used to calculate the tuition refund, if any, and the student financial assistance program refund, if applicable.

Unofficial Withdrawal

A student who discontinues attendance in all courses during a semester and who does not officially withdraw from the University is considered to have unofficially withdrawn. The determination date for unofficial withdrawals shall be the end of the semester, unless other evidence is provided to Records and Registration. There are serious Title IV, HEA federal student financial aid program implications for a student who unofficially withdraws.