2024-2025 Graduate Catalog 
    May 19, 2024  
2024-2025 Graduate Catalog

Professional Development

Professional Development is responsible for all contracted training, non-credit certificates, and professional development offerings for employers and working professionals. The professional development programs offered through Harrisburg University provides specific and advanced skills training and certificates within the University’s mission of science and technology.

The University works with various organizations to develop a wide range of professional development solutions and programs that include:

  • non-credit training events, series, and certificates;
  • on-site and off-site credit-based offerings short of a degree, such as workshops, institutes, clinics, concentrations, and specializations;
  • on-site degree programs; and
  • academic program evaluation for employer training.

The University partners with various outside agencies, including, but not limited to, corporations, government agencies, and school districts, to develop customized solutions that contribute to professional development of the existing workforce. In particular, the University’s professional development offerings serve:

  • science, technology, and management professionals;
  • educators and administrators; and
  • senior staff responsible for innovation and decision-making.

All professional development programs follow the University’s commitment to applied, experiential, and competency-based training and education. They focus on enhancing the ability of professionals to apply what they have learned immediately (and over the long term) to their jobs and careers.

Because the programs offered are demand-driven and change from year to year, up-to-date information on the current offerings is posted online at https://www.harrisburgu.edu/professional-dev/.

For more information on customized training or the calendar of upcoming professional development, contact ProfessionalEd@HarrisburgU.edu or call 717.901.5190.