2020-2021 Undergraduate/Online Catalog 
    Aug 09, 2020  
2020-2021 Undergraduate/Online Catalog

Integrative Sciences

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This program produces a well-prepared student who is able to contribute to the local, regional, and global community on current scientific topics. An environment favorable to interdisciplinary learning in science is provided, and through classroom and experiential learning opportunities, the student is allowed to develop his or her own interests in the areas where the different disciplines overlap. In conjunction with the general education coursework, the student develops the skills to competently communicate with scientists and non-scientists, the motivation to be engaged citizens, the capacity to be sensitive to the needs of local and global communities, and the knowledge in the physical sciences to enter the workforce or graduate school.

Program Goals

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Integrative Sciences program are able to:

  • Demonstrate the basic knowledge and technical skills to work effectively in a cross-disciplinary scientific field by demonstrating the knowledge and skills from more than one of the scientific disciplines;

  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate scientific information, including information that results from laboratory experimentation or field work, in oral and written formats to both scientists and nonscientists;

  • Demonstrate the ability to make effective use of the library and other information resources in an academic area, including finding, conveying and critically evaluating scientific information obtained in scholarly journal articles, as well as sources obtained through an internet search;

  • Demonstrate the ability to make effective use of computers in addition to using technology as a tool in writing, collaborating with a team, illustrating, and data analysis to communicate scientific information; and,

  • Demonstrate sufficient mathematical and quantitative reasoning skills to perform competently in a professional position in the chosen field or in continuing professional training.


    Bachelor of Science

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