2021-2022 Graduate Catalog w/ May Addendum 
    May 19, 2024  
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog w/ May Addendum [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Data Sciences, Ph.D.

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Doctorate education focuses on enabling the student to make original contributions to their respective fields of study. There are two phases of the doctoral program at HU: (1) a learning phase that includes coursework, seminars, research, and fieldwork that contributes to the student’s knowledge in the program of study; and, (2) a research phase that focuses on student’s original research culminating in his/her final examination. Upon a student’s successful completion of all required course work, defense of the dissertation, and completion of all milestones, the student is awarded the doctoral degree in the program of study.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Harrisburg University Data Science Program is to create scientifically minded and technically proficient professionals with a comprehensive background in the methodological diversity of the data sciences and the intellectual depth to offer influential perspectives to analytical teams across disciplines.

Program Goals

The Data Sciences Program will produce Ph.D. graduates who:

  • Will have applied diverse data science methodologies using a scientific process individually or in teams to provide impactful insights from large sets of data;
  • Will have used effective communications to explain insights from analytical processes on data to diverse audiences; and,
  • Will have grown professionally through self-study, continuing education, and professional development.

*Work experience is a requirement for successful applied learning during the full course of your degree program. If you are an F1 student, eligible CPT authorizations are required. If you are unable to work, you must submit a Waiver of Required Work Experience to your program lead.

Data Sciences Requirements

The following courses comprise the 36 semester hours required for the Ph.D. in Data Sciences. Each course listed represents a three-semester hour value. Details about each of the Milestones can be found in the Ph.D. Guidebook on the Records and Registration SharePoint Site (https://myharrisburgu.sharepoint.com/sites/Academics).

Complete 6 semester hours from the following Doctoral Research Seminars:

Comprehensive Examination to qualify for doctoral dissertation research work

Defend Dissertation Proposal

Complete 12 semester hours of ANLY 799-Doctoral Studies:

Defend the Dissertation

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