2020-2021 Undergraduate/Online Catalog 
    Dec 04, 2020  
2020-2021 Undergraduate/Online Catalog

Information Systems and Information Technology, B.S.

The Bachelor of Science program in Information Systems and Information Technologies offers an interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on Information Systems, Information Technology, and Computer Sciences. This program merges traditional academic topics with cutting edge ISIT practices and applications. The program prepares students with hands-on practical knowledge of the most important building blocks of today’s information systems and the underlying technologies. In addition to the theoretical understanding, practical knowledge of the technologies and their fundamentals including computer hardware, networking components, mobile devices, and cloud/virtual environments are discussed and delivered in this program. With the current trends of big data, mobile computing, virtualization, and cloud services, this program covers the most up-to-date practices in ISIT and prepares the graduates to tackle real-world challenges of the industry.

Program Goals

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in the Information Systems and Information Technology program are able to:

  • Demonstrate general, theoretical, and practical knowledge of information systems and the supporting technologies;
  • Identify, understand, and apply current IS processes/concepts and appropriate IT infrastructure/components;
  • Setup and configure information systems and the supporting technologies;
  • Troubleshoot and manage information systems and the supporting technologies; and,
  • Analyze, evaluate, and design modern information systems to solve specific business problems based on user needs, business parameters, and IT infrastructure.

Program Requirements - 49 credits

The following courses comprise the required core courses of the Information Systems and Information Technology program. The credit value of each course appears in parentheses ( ).